TWM now features in the 2021 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems. This follows on from the success of appearing in the 2020 9-Grid™ for Talent & People Success.

Established in 2004 and the chosen learning system provider for clients such as Polygon and O2 for over 15 years, TWM is a well-established player in the learning system scene.

Building on TWM’s strong reputation in the marketplace, the company attributes the success, in part, to the team’s experience. Uniquely all the account management team are former heads of L&D. This means that they understand many of the problems facing clients and how learning technology can be used to best advantage.

With a focus on listening, supporting and collaborating with clients as an extension of their internal teams, TWM guarantees that their solutions will deliver the results clients need.

Philip Purver, CEO comments,

"TWM has transformed itself in recent years from a bespoke platform provider to a “Learning System” organisation: to have made both Fosway 9-Grids is the culmination of this evolution. This recognition has arisen from our talented team, our great products, our strong partnerships - and above all, our customers. As a company, we are very much looking forward to the next few years when future product development will continue to make greater penetration into the marketplace."

Chris Alexander, CTO comments,

“Working in partnership with our clients we have continued to make great progress with our products, delivering client friendly systems which match their business needs. I'm extremely proud of what the team have delivered, and really excited for what we have planned for the future.”

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group said,

“One of the important aspects of the 9-Grid™ is that there are good options for the different needs of enterprise organisations. TWM has a long history in innovative learning platforms, and has now evolved into a Suite of innovative learning capabilities that can be tailored to individual customer needs.”

To learn more about why TWM were included in the Fosway's 9-Grid for Learning Systems 2021 and understand the full impact of COVID-19 on the industry download the full report here: https://www.fosway.com/9-grid/learning-systems/

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