These days the expression 'knowledge is power' is often succeeded by 'shared knowledge is power'. It's undoubtedly true for Learning Technology providers operating in a crowded market space.

The attraction of a flash or contemporary GUI (graphical user interface) or a platform filled with bells and whistles isn't enough to hold the interest or engagement of learners nowadays. A successful platform depends on a well-planned and thought-through content strategy.

Design teams need to create meaningful and engaging content that hooks users and inspires them to return regularly. Reflecting on what users will get out of the platform is an excellent place to start. Consider;

  • What's in it for them in terms of their immediate learning needs and career aspirations?
  • Why do they need to engage with this content? What are the consequences of doing it right and wrong?
  • How will the learning content support their career, now or in the future?
  • How will their performance improvement be monitored, recognised or recorded?
  • How do they perceive this content? Are they being ‘pushed’ towards it (for statutory reasons) or ‘pulled’ towards it (because it's beneficial, interesting, and engaging)?

Creating a content management plan and sticking to it will keep you focused on outcomes rather than outputs. That said, we understand creating endless streams of content can feel overwhelming.

Did you know TWM can provide digital resources and engaging content from various sources and subject matter experts to help you engage learners? Our system lets you cherry-pick content and functions from the core suite and combine this with home-grown content and content from any third party. So videos, audio files, articles and curated content can sit alongside your eLearning files to create a seamless blend of resources.

This mix and match approach enables you to channel your L&D budget into one all-encompassing learning platform to produce a meaningful learning experience.

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